Install CompatibilityΒΆ

The following table lists the compatibility between versions of Hammr, UForge_python_sdk and UForge:

Hammr version UForge_python_sdk version UForge version
3.7-2 3.7-2 3.7-2
3.7.2-1 3.7.2-1 3.7.fp2-1
3.7-3 3.7-3 3.7-3
3.7.3 3.7.3 3.7.3
3.7.4 3.7.4 3.7.4
3.7.5 3.7.5 3.7.5
3.7.6 3.7.6 3.7.6
3.7.7 3.7.7 3.7.7

If your hammr version is not compatible with the UForge version that you want to reach, hammr will raise an error message with the UForge version:

$ hammr --url -u username -p password
ERROR: Sorry but this version of Hammr (version = 'HAMMR_VERSION') is not compatible with the version of UForge (version = 'UFORGE_VERSION').
ERROR: Please refer to 'Install Compatibility' section in the documentation to learn how to install a compatible version of Hammr.

To install the correct version of Hammr, please run the command below indicating HAMMR-VERSION you want:

$ pip install hammr==HAMMR-VERSION