Communication between hammr and the UForge server is done via HTTPS. To send requests to the UForge server, hammr needs the following information:

  • UForge Server URL endpoint
  • Your account user name
  • Your password

This information can be passed to hammr either from command-line options or from a file.

Command-line Parameters

Authentication information can be passed to hammr via command-line options. These options are:

  • -a or --url: the UForge Server URL endpoint. If the URL uses HTTPS, then the connection will be done securely (recommended), otherwise connection will be done via HTTP
  • -u or --user: the user name to use for authentication
  • -p or --password: the password to use for authentication

For example

$ hammr os list --url -u username -p password

These parameters need to be passed each time you want to use the command-line.

Using a Credential File

Rather than passing the authentication information as part of the command-line, you can instead store this information in a credential file (credentials.json or credentials.yml) that will be used every time hammr is launched. Hammr searches for this file in a sub-directory named .hammr located in the home directory of the user launching hammr.

For more information, refer to Using a Credential File.